Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well the plays are over. All these things on my calendar are being crossed off. I'm excited for the end and I'm trying to savor the enjoyment of senior year wrapping up. It's happening so fast! ( I hate when old people are right)
Tomorrow I get recognized at church with the other senior.. I've longed for this day for as long as I could remember. Don't ask me why.. it just seems really important and special. Kinda like a way of saying " hey look at me. God has brought me all this way.. isn't it awesome?" I might tear up.. well maybe not. I'll grin like a mule though :)
I'm so tired. I'm chilling in my bed feeling pretty awesome.. as I think about ( you know how I love to think) it I'm quite blessed. The plays were great I, well my whole class really, had great support. Plus I get to come home to my cozy bed.. idk.. I'm starting a rant.. my thumbs are starting to hurt so I'll stop. I'm going to wash my face change my clothes and call it a night.
"Farewell. I love you a thousand, a million.."

P.s the picture is a not so great shot of me as Miranda.
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