Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the thing

I actually got to exempt a couple of exams this semester. Only because they were online classes any other time I'd have to take them  because you know, I never went to school. OK I went... I just missed a lot. I will admit I was an avid skipper. Next semester, in (community) college!,my schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so I only have three days of school. and my earliest class is at 10. So I have some wiggle room in the mornings. Granted it takes like 45 mins to get there.. but that OK.
any who.. this weekend is that bacca... something or other..It's supposed to be like a church service for seniors. err at least that's what I have been told. I don't know how to say it so I just call it the thing. I was asked to speak at the thing.. I think only because I pointed out that the guy who was asked to speak isn't a senior.. so I opened my big mouth and got into something I not quite sure I'm ready for. I've done this before, but it was slightly different. it was a small church full of strangers. oh well.. I'm looking at this as one of those divine appointments.. maybe I will secretly talk somebody off the ledge. (yea.. maybe not.) I have a post on here from a long time ago that I will base my speech off of. The guy told me to share how my faith has helped me get through school. what he doesn't know is that I almost abandoned my faith, constructed a huge potty mouth, didn't give a rats about school.. but Ahha.. that is where the story is. which is kinda going to be my point. the change was on the inside. It seems messy, it is ( I'm a girl, i have a spaghetti brain) it will work out.. if not I'll just run off the stag in a panic. 
actually I wouldn't do that. 
i will however leave you mid thought because I have to go take a shower.

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