Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hospitals and camo and proms, oh my!

let me begin by updating you on mom: 
first off there was a huge mix up at the hospital with information being passed around! the first doctor she was seeing was the mastermind that told her she was going to be rushed to surgery and had everybody in a panic. she led us to believe things were super bad. well yes, they are pretty bad, however, this surgery isn't something they do as an emergency thing. there has to be and evaluation done first to check the heart and all that good stuff. we found this at from another doctor that took over the case the next day. to shorten this story... 
she has a doctor's appointment today and after that we will know more about when the surgery is and how long and stuff like that. more details.
its been a really long weekend it seems like. my uncle came rushing up from Florida because he was really concerned. he's helping my mom out trying to get this stuff straight which is good.

OK. so mom, check! 
what else? hum..
 ah. right those pictures plus stories. 
Thursday i went with a friend to this bridal shop in town so he could get a tux. We were flipping through this huge book of formal wear for men and in the middle of the book we stumbled across this:  

yep. you are seeing that correctly. a camo tux. i couldn't decide to laugh or cry. turns out we laughed til we were in tears. oh wait! it gets better. the girls come over there and started laughing to. she said that somebody actually ordered that for prom because his date has camo on her dress!!! we asked if the people were from our school and they were pretty sure they were. which wouldn't surprise me. i honestly can't wait to see if anybody shows up with this tacky get-up. that's just awful. sorry to all you gun slinging rednecks but, that literally is a fashion crime. 
on the subject of prom i am in distress trying to find stupid shoes that match my dress. i have literally searched everywhere to find something. i am boiling down to wearing these black shoes.. which kinda clash with the look. or these sandal type things. its not like it matters nobody should be staring at my feet anyways..

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