Wednesday, May 25, 2011

catchy title

what makes anything any of us have to say important?(i have pondered this thought dozens of times!)
was that too harsh?
no? ok. good. i'm glad you agree. i mean think about it.. 
just because you had a crazy road trip this afternoon taking your friend home and got lost (because neither one of you knew where you were?!,obviously) and the dooming thought of running out of gas was dominating your every thought, how is that important? unless you are like a celeb and then everybody becomes obsessed with a napkin you used that time you secretly went to McDonald's, but then it wasn't a secret anymore because paparazzi caught you! 
well not to toot my own horn but does being in the upcoming school play make me a celeb? probably not? and if you are the lucky turd reading this, why are you hear? what am i saying that makes you keep reading? was it my catchy title? my obvious sarcasm? my wit, charm, my handsome good looks? maybe its the fact that i keep complementing myself...
i have to leave you soon because i have to clean my room, and i have to curl my naturally curly hair.
but, if you haven't caught on, i have been contemplating my self worth yet again.. well maybe self worth is too much of a term. what i mean is like i keep wondering what am i doing with my life? what can/will i say and/or do that will be of importance. when its all coming down (and trust me its, coming down hard right now) i often wonder if its going anywhere. will i get out of what i'm in?
think about it.. gosh knows i spend too much time thinking, you might as well too.

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