Thursday, May 26, 2011

non- deep post that got semi deep

i had some deep stuff to blog about.. I'm to tired to blog that deep. 
highlights : 
today pastor asked "what is the meaning of life?" see? deep! answer that.. and we will elaborate later.
senior day is tomorrow! 
i also had a rant about Austin Andrews ( grin like mule because i know when you read this you will grin. and then you will point it out to me and probably others that i mentioned you.) but i will hold off for now.. that's not deep just kinda long and too ranty for this late at night. however i will point out that i not only have authority issues, i have attachment issues. if we declare friendship.. i expect that to be.. permanent? i guess is the word. even joking.. esp when i can't tell if your joking.. about that friendship not meaning as much to you as it does to me makes me scared.. i feel like a loser for letting it get to my head. obviously this has happened to me before.
i got a fan for my room! sweet victory :) 
we did a new song at youth today and I'm pretty sure i lead that song.. and i think it went well. i was quite pleased. 
opening night is tomorrow! ahh I'm so excited and I'm trying to get scared and sike myself out. I've been praying and i think it will be fine. i love theater. I'm sad the class is almost over but, i feel like this experience had been good for me. its motivated me a lot more. still not sure exactly what i am doing in college ( baby steps Emily!) but this feels like a good direction. 
speaking of?! have i told you that i am throwing around the idea of being a youth pastor.. err something like that. i know that's not something you just decide for yourself, at least i don't think you should, but since the idea is in my head ( and that's not something i would choose for myself) i am pretty sure its a God thing. i still want to attend evangel.. so if i go there i could get a degree in theology (kinda scary) and minor in theater. that leads me to do ministry and theater.. ministry theater. *also if i do this.. well i should do this anyway.. i will get my potty mouth under control! 

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