Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cher the love

I love Cher. I pride myself on the fact that I may be her youngest fan.
If I could get my butt out to Vegas to see her show I would be there tonight! But sadly that won't happen for a very long long time. Hopefully she's alive when this can come to pass. Don't die on me Cher, I'm coming!

I was having a really sucky morning (see previous post) then my friend was listening to music and started talking about a wedding song. And that reminded me that if I ever take that low blow of marriage I'm going to play the song "I got you babe". It always makes me feel better. As do most of her songs. 
Some of my favorite include:
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
Dark Lady
If I could Turn Back Time
I Got You Babe
The Beat Goes On
Half Breed

(my mom had the greatest hits album.. I took it over.. so basically that is what started all this) 

When I watched the movie Burlesque.. I was like a teenage boy, drooling at the TV screen. Laugh if you want.. I'm used to it.  By the way that was a beast movie!
Check it out and go listen to Cher! Now!

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