Thursday, May 19, 2011


OK, so for the media's sake can we please talk about Mother Monster, or Lady Gaga, if you are not one of the self proclaimed little monsters. Yes, I believe we will.
When Gaga busted into the music scene in what was it..2008 I believe it was def a shock. Who was the chick dry humping a blow up whale in a kiddie pool at some outrageous house party? ( see Just Dance video.)  We could tell she was wild, ridiculously outrageous, and scared everybody over the age of 40. When that song came out I thought it was pretty cool. She's the underdog's hero! Hell, she even has her own town on farmville now! Yea, get on Facebook. Check that out.
Well for me, all that is fine and dandy. I jammed out to plenty of her stuff and I appreciate and agree with most of what she stands for. However, I think that when the song "Born this way" came out.. that seems like a breaking point. Now you may not agree with that, you may think that happened a long time ago. esp with the meat dress. (sorry vegetarians) I watched that video (born this way) and I was like WTF? It really didn't go with the song... and I have another bone to pick with her.. you know how she is all about the gay people? well what about the fatties?? Just saying.. in every freaking video she wears barely there undies, what kind of message is that sending? Think about it. If your fat you know what I'm talking about.. let see some hefty Hanna's shaking it with gaga instead of stick Stacy.
Any ways.. that's not what I want to focus on right now! 
"Judas" is the latest song.. (well I think there is actually another song "Hair" err... something like that which I haven't investigated yet. )
If you haven't heard it... well lets just say its not something I'm going to recommend to you. I listened to it like 3 times reading the lyrics and watching the video and it made no sense. There were big time bible references and that didn't sit well with me. If you go to church and know that song "it is well with my soul", this song went totally against that. No offense but I don't think she should call herself a "holy fool."
I watched and I was kinda dumb founded afterward. I still can't make a solid opinion. Other than it makes me really uncomfortable.
Check out the video and leave me comments about what you think of this..

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