Monday, May 2, 2011

no central theme

i am a terrible person.. today i almost committed blogger adultery. apparently there is another blog world out there that i had no idea about! tumblr. ever heard of it? yea me either, until somebody left the page up on my computer at school. i got on it, checked it out. its pretty cool. has some cool features that this doesn't offer.. but also lacks some. i created an account thinking OK this is cool i can have two blogs.. well i don't really know if i can keep up with that.. lets face it.. you and i both know i can't keep up with that. however, I'm still wrestling with that idea.
always wrestling with something.. you'd think I'd win a battle one day.

why do i feel like if i don't document every moment of my momentarily measly life I'll be letting somebody down? i don't now. just a quirk i suppose. kinda like asking a question and then answering myself. why do i do this? ha! because i only trust myself 100%. you? no i don't trust you.
that's a big deal.
i have a lot of secerts i desperately want to pour out to you.. I'm not sure if its because I'm embarrassed my them or because i really get a kick out of the stupid stuff i do.. maybe a little of both. for right now I'll hold on to my secerts because if they fall into the wrong hands I'd be mortified.
i have neglected my blogging duties ( which i bestowed on myself) while i was on spring break and i have good reason. i was having a fabulous time! it was a great week. truly.
but, worry not! I'm back and ready to rumble.. well write at least.

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