Saturday, May 28, 2011

opening night

ok so you know how i have been tooting my own horn a lot lately?? 
well i'm fixing to lay on it.. obviously, we opened last night and it was awesome! i had great energy and was on point! i was so proud of myself :) i am also very proud of everybody else in my class. the tempest was wonderful! we only had a few minor mishaps but those really weren't that big a deal. mmmbeth was good to. there was that one part where they skipped a whole scene but they still pulled it off! the crowd loved it and didn't know they messed up. the witches were super nervous before but they did good. ( esp since they looked like they were going to puke and pass out right before they went on)
afterward when we were mingling with the crowd ( a.k.a sucking up glory!) my mom and sister gave me flowers. FYI: i was the only one who got flowers. it was intense. they were are beautiful.
tonight is the second and last performance. i'm still pumped and ready to go! it's bittersweet because this is easily the best part of senior year. and i am not exaggerating. the feeling i had being on stage was the best feeling in the world.. not because i literally had the spotlight but because i had a since of belonging. it just felt right. i knew what i was doing.. i had some sort of control. i loved it! ( i am such a ham:) even if i don't wind up doing mainly acting i still want to be involved in this world no matter what i do.
but this is just the first step.. community stage.. next step.. BROADWAY! ( well, hopefully. unless you know, God wants to send me around the world putting on productions and saving the lost. that's cool too!)