Tuesday, May 3, 2011

blogger adultry

i did it. i'm cheating on you, dear blog. i started a tumblr. it offers some features that you don't offer. don't worry though i still plan to devote equal blogging time to you too. my love for you shall never cease!
in fact just today i found some "jobs" for bloggers.. i sent out some emails and hopefully will get some answers back. if i get the chance to to some serious bloggin ( not that you aren't serious) we will really be going places :)
and i didn't leave you out.. there is a link at the top of my other blog ( operation: survive) to direct readers to you and your bloggy goodnes :)
bloggy goodness = epic term!!!

back to you dear reader:
if you have been keeping up with my story.. you can tell i have pretty much stopped the thirty day challenge. fail on me. oh well. challenges were never my thing anyways.
the blog job i found (my sister's dog just peed down her pants!!! hahaha) seems pretty cool. i dont think its a scam.. the link sent me to a blogger profile and it seems pretty cool. which reminds me i want to follow it. it deals with movies and tv. the task basically is watching a movie or tv show and giving commentary. i'm pretty sure i can shell out opinions on entertainment ;) hopefully they still need writers! it would be awesome to have a blog jog and get some good writing experience.

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