Friday, May 6, 2011

"It's Friday, Friday"

"I keep on falling in and out of love"
This is not true. But this freaking song.. well song part... has been stuck in my head!
Also still stuck in my head is E.T. The Katy Perry song. Go listen to it and think of me dancing around my room like an idiot to this song.. its a great image I assure you ;)  ( not to mention I was in my underwear while dancing.. well lets just not mention that. )

I had some really great stuff I was going to talk about but then my computer starting acting gay so I gave up and went to my grandmaw's. Who by the way is the best grandmaw in the world. You think your granny rocks? Well sorry. Mine is better! Ka-Hoots to granny Greene! :D

Alas! I do remember one thing.. I had a dream last night about this guy... right now we will not give him a secert name or any name at all because this, like everybody else, may not go anywhere. Any who.. in said dream we were fighting. Like screaming and arguing. ( kinda like my parents relationship) I don't remember what we were going on about but I do remember that I wanted to stop, in the dream I knew it was stupid to fight with him. It was so weird. And I was so wigged out about having this bad dream with him that I woke up with a headache and gave myself anxiety over it. In reality I play fight with him, much like I do with everybody but, I would never really want to fight with this person. I hate fighting esp between a couple. It's so annoying and sad. And quiet frankly makes me want to cry.
If I ever get into a relationship with some sort of seriousness I promise you this dear reader, I will try my hardest to "be the best person I can be" and not cause arguments. OK I don't like where this is going..
On another note...
I have been neglecting my journal... Shame on me. I have been neglecting a lot of stuff. I need to get my priorities straight!
Stop obsessing over boys.. which has become a nasty habit of mine!
Figure out who the hell is coming to graduation! ( which means communicating with my freaking family)
Get things lined up at Sandhills ( yes I'm going to community college. bummer I know.)
Find a Job!
In this order!

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