Monday, May 23, 2011

random quote, and some other stuff

"go suck a railroad spike, i haven't gotten any money" - stewie. 
not really sure why i just open with that quote.. i literally just heard it on family guy and thought it was funny. 
it feels like forever since i've blogged, even though its only been like two days maybe. ( this is a sign of my addiction)
prom.. not going to elaborate on that, however, if you are wondering if i got plastered.. i did not! went to church that next morning and did not feel like a wad of shame. it was great! the over all night i'd have to give a B-. 

i have had dress rehearsal the past two nights, and one on wed. i think i am doing pretty well.. i feel pretty prepared.. others however, i cannot say the same for. we open on Friday and me thinks my teacher is fixing to fall off the edge. which i can't blame him. any who.. i'm excited. 
registered for classes today at (community) college! the lady was pretty intense. she talked at me and somehow i got suckered into taking a speech class. oh well.. i guess that's useful in theater.
i was bombarded.. i didn't quite know what to do.. i didn't have many choices so it went pretty fast. i hopefully will only be there for a year. i'm so scared of making a wrong choice and screwing up my life i can't sleep at night.. ok that's a lie.. however i do stress over it a lot! i have the gray hairs to remove it. 
ok.. not going there. 
i am going to bed. to sleep. i absolutely dread the thought of waking up to math at 8 am!

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