Friday, May 20, 2011

this week in a rant

today this week has been one huge batch of long suffering. and to top if off i feel completely unaccomplished!
i have dress rehearsal on Sunday and I'm freaking out that my white dress may be see through! plus this whole week i have been screwing up my lines! I'm no where near being done with my psych class (its an online course), i still have fees i owe the freaking school, that piece i need for my car has not been bought, i need a freaking bra for my prom dress and! my room is a disaster!
and and! there is all this drama at school that has caused me to be dramatical because I'm not in it. let me try to explain: there is a girl ( as always) well two or three girls really who are having boy issues ( the kind of things you talk about with other girl friends!!) and they all talk about it with each other, excluding me! what gets me is the fact that they have these conversations together while I'm present. I mean really? you are going to bring up all this baby momma drama and talk about it IN FRONT OF MY FACE and not let me in. that's cool. because i already know anyways. I READ FACEBOOK! seriously though, its irritating! if you don't wanna talk to me about that, that's fine. chances are i don't wanna hear but, I'd like to be given the option of you talking my ear off.
if this continues over to Monday i may be scared for life. that on top of everything else has gotten me so revved up. my blood pressure is soaring!

OK. i think that's enough for now.. 
any who.. prom is this weekend. yay! ( with mild sarcasm) I'm excited but at the same time not totally thrilled.
ha! this is funny.. today i took a friend home from school and on the subject of prom the conversation went something like this: 
friend: what are you doing after prom?
me: hopefully getting plastered.
friend( with scared face): that's sad.
me(laughing and half lying): I'm joking! 
friend: no your not. that makes me sad.
 I am not going to push the issue on this, however, I will say.. don't come at me with the whole " you don't need drugs and alcohol to be cool" crap. first off I don't do drugs, second, duh! i know that, and third don't act like your so innocent. I know what you did last summer. muhaha! 

my mom is calling.. 
time to go get a bra! 

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