Friday, July 1, 2011

tough dog

i feel obligated to post.. 
not sure why. i guess cause most days i blog everyday and for the past few days there has been nothing for my nine followers to feast on. so sad, i know. 

so i'm pretty sure this job i have is official. unless i screw up and get fired. ( i hope not, but it is a possibility) 
i've only been there a week so i'm really not used to it. but it sure is better than sitting home all the time( well for the most part anyway) my role model for this job is spongebob. he's a fry cook, i'm a grill cook. the similarities are uncanny. yesterday i was so sleepy. i was just barely moving along, so i keep tuning my inner sponge so i could get the job done. when it was time to go, i flew out of there.
speaking of yesterday, during the mad rush of lunch, this old fart came in and got a hotdog with mustard, chili, and slaw. i fixed the hotdog, gave it to him and he was gone. a little while later the same guy comes up with a half eaten hotdog and throws it on the counter going on about something. i didn't hear exactly what he was yelling about , but apparently the hotdog was "tough" and he was so upset that he didn't get a 5 star wiener at a gas station. tisk tisk.
this was me during the hotdog fiasco

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