Sunday, July 17, 2011


i am going to hike up a tall mountain and drop the f bomb like nobody's business. 
then i will jump off said mountain. 

thats how its going down.
i worked today.. first time i ever opened, it went great.  until the last hour. eff me. it took me like two hours to clean up.. when it should've barely taken me one. then the mop bucket tried to attack me. it did. and won. 
then i get home and ( oh by the way... my computer is here!! ) trying to figure out how to get wireless working at my house.. ugghh. of course its like fighting to the death. every freaking thing has to be so d*** difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't know whats going on with me.. i have been getting really irritated lately. its getting on my own nerves.
the stupidest things set me off. 
maybe i need to go back to therapy... 
i have a hangnail! 
perfect timing, huh.
maybe i'm just a spoiled brat.. because i can't get what i want when i want it. humm.. 
maybe this is a test from the big man to practice patience?? 
maybe not and the whole universe is against me!!! 
lets go with that one ;) 
also i think i'm going to delete lady gaga as a friend on Facebook, she too is getting on my nerves. 
maybe i should go take a nap. i think that will help, don't you?

it's like he can read my mind

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