Monday, July 18, 2011

ice cream and technology

this is a very exciting post for me because i'm finally posting from my mac!! ( which i think should have a name, don't you??) 
ahhhh!! i know.. its amazing. the white keys clicking under my fingers is amazing. and its all mine:) the computer, i mean. the post, obviously is for you. 
i'm catching up the world.. technology speaking of course. 
smart phone, check.
ipod, check.
laptop, check. 
geeezz. i'll stop now, my head is swelling ;) 

sadly i don't have internet at my house yet, i came over to my friends house to use his internet. i was itching to play on my computer and without the big I you ain't hardly doing squat. 
i'm kinda tired and don't really know what else to talk about. i wanna watch a movie.. but i don't know what i wanna watch. 
i kinda want some ice cream.. 
lately that has been my snack of choice. i used to not be that big on ice cream but for right now... 

blahhahahahahha... . . . . . . . . . ,

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