Monday, July 25, 2011

cheesy tease

i want to tell you a story.  a seriously sweet story that has had me grinning all night.. but i can't tell you.. (i know, i'm such a tease) because names will get dropped ( even if i use secert code names you'd still figure it out) and it will open a can of worms that is basically already opened i just don't want to feed the flame..
plus i refuse to bring cheesyness to my blog.. 
well boy cheesyness. unless it deals with John Cooper or any other hot rock star i choose to drool over.
but just know that i have been in a great mood the past few days.. cheeseyness and all :) 

the other night i had a dream that my hair was cut in a bob. omg. it was a nightmare. my hair was at my ears! ohh the horror. 
last night i had another dream that my friends called me fat and laughed me out of my house. in the dream we were at my house and they called me fat and stated laughing at me.. i got upset and ran outside and started running. (i have dreams where i run. a lot) it was weird. but then i had another dream.. that was weird. but fed to my cheeseyness. :) aye! 

oh the update on Tim and internet.. no.. the ethernet thing didn't work out too hot.   

my church mission trip is in a few weeks.. i am stoked! its going to be amazing. we are going to Wilmington to do a vbs at the first assembly church.. where they have no kids! so we are going to draw them and there families to the church. pray with me and plant a seed :) 
i'm all about planting seeds with prayer lately.. its struck a chord with me.


  1. emily your just to awesome girly so amazing once a bratty little girl grew up into a wonderful, amazing woman. im proud to say u use to bug the poop out of me :-)

  2. lol. thanks so much:)
    ... who is this, btw?