Friday, July 15, 2011

cereal killer!!

when i sleep.. i hold my hands at a very awkward angle.. meaning that i bend my wrist in. and i keep waking up with pains in my wrist. call me crazy but i think the two may be closely related. 
i should probably stop sleeping like that. 

oo. i want some cereal. 
i believe we have fruit loops. that'll do!

any ways.. (ever noticed how much i say that phrase?) 
i think its safe to say that this is going nowhere.....
except me showering doing my hair and then going to work! 
but alas its Friday!! i have a date tonight ( i know you're thinking "omg! finally") sorry to bust your bubble but its just with friends. we are going to eat and i am going to hunt a trunk. 
a trunk?
i want a trunk for all my keepsakes.

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