Monday, June 27, 2011

sports poster vs. leather bound book

this is pointless and has nothing to do with what i'm going to talk about. but i've noticed that i'm not ugly. ( is that too bold? i mean i'm not saying i'm the most beautiful person in the world..) i'm just not photogenic. all my pictures suck. my mom recently put up some college picture frames on the walls and all the pictures of me are terrible! i have come to that conclusion and wanted to share it with you.

now that that revelation is out of the way: last night i had another dreadful sleep. i was up most of the wee hours tossing and turning and trying not to have an episode. ( it bothers me when i can't get to sleep)in the midst of my warding off an episode i was pondering over various topics of life and i started treading toward the topic  of boys then decide to make a U- turn. but on the way there the thought struck me that there are some people that belong in your life and some who don't. things as well as people. 
like oxygen belongs in your life... you need it to survive. 
crack doesn't really belong in your life.. you know, unless your mommy snorted up when you were in the womb and you born addicted to it. by all means snort away.*
same goes for people.
like your mom. you need her. no matter how many times she tells you to make your bed, even though we both know this is a pointless chore!
but the people we don't need in our lives are those that make us want to rip our hair out! 
or you know that guy who is really nice and means well but under circumstances he kinda creeps you out. plus he lives out of town and whats the point in trying to cook something up with somebody when you are planning on moving cross country next year? no point.
i don't think,OK i know he doesn't belong in my life. 
i used the example in my head last night that your life is like your room.. filled with things that belong. 
my bed. 
my books.
awesome wall art. 
if you had things that didn't belong your room wouldn't look right. 
life if i had a sports poster hanging up in my room. it would stick out like a sore thumb. 
that's how i feel like when i talk to said guy. like he's a sports poster.. doesn't fit and totally doesn't match my room. 
what i'm looking for is something like a leather bound book. maybe red or brown. full of depth. and substance. 

* for sarcastic purposes only

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