Tuesday, July 5, 2011

chinese food, scandalous views, navy blue

i only need like 300 more dollars and i'm there! (to my computer, that is)
this whole working for money stuff really isn't as bad as i thought it would be :) 
you work.
you get money.
then you get to buy stuff! 
of course that's after they take out taxes and you pay bills and give your 10% tithe, which i now proudly start doing:)

so if you live in America you probably realized that yesterday was July 4th and around these parts that's kind a big deal. yesterday i had to work and i'm not complaining  about going.. i'm complaining about not doing anything. it was soooo slow. i had maybe three orders to come in. i did some other stuff but i was basically just standing around trying not to fall asleep. i guess my boss could tell because she let me go like two hours early ( Thank God). 
we, being my family and i, had plans to go to this supposed to be big block party type thing and eat and do fireworks. joy. we got there it was a bust. i was frightened to be there. so we left and got Chinese food.

Chinese Food!

me and my little sister.. eating Chinese food!
after we left the Chinese place.. ( how many times can i say Chinese in one post? humm.) it looked like it was going to storm we decided to just go back home because none us liked the idea of watching works of fire in the thunder, lighting, and rain. 

at home i was chilling on the couch upside down.. don't ask why.. i just kinda happened to land that way. it was awesome.

upside view!

yes. yes, i am aware that that picture is scandalous of me. enjoy it :) 

any who the rain let up and we trucked back down to the fireworks. saw the display and came home. it was magical. ( please hint sarcasm) you know what they say about boobs, if you've seen one, you've seen em' all. ( well i assure you that is not true) 
however, i think the saying goes for fireworks.. the displays may be different but its all basically the same. i personally like really loud fireworks. the  BOOM is exciting. and i like it when the sky is pitch black. the colors exploding onto a dark canvas as much more moving to me than after the sun barely has time to go away and its like navy blue. 

oh and on a final note : that song "if i die young" by the band perry.. is great :)

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