Monday, July 11, 2011

A God Thing

so i finally finished that book "A Disorder for Longing" and I was very pleased with its ending. Most of it was rather unexpected, which was great! as I've mentioned before the book talked a lot about passion but one thing I noticed was that at the end when Ada is in Brazil they tell her stories of this hidden African religion and she gets really into it, always wanting to know more. that was one thing that struck a chord in me and i wouldn't realize it until later. 
yesterday at church my pastor was reading an exert from some book and it was basically this guy having a conversation with God. Sometimes when you hear stuff like that I don't think people give it too much thought. but as i was giving it great thought, I started thinking I want to have conversations with God. I want to be closer to this invisible being I worship and declare I am going to devote my life to. all of a sudden all my past words felt empty and meaningless. I often feel very ignorant in my own religion, mostly cause I never take real time to read the bible.. which is weird don't you think seeing as how I read so much. I've been in this bunny trail for a while now and I'm trying to do something about it. 
just as Ada did wanting to know more about that African religion I felt a fire spark in me to learn more about my own. i should've realized this before but there is passion, or zeal if you will, to be found in the bible and in God. I realized but, it never registered I suppose. 
With all that.. yesterday when I finished the book I took a break and cleaned my room ( in some form of the word) and tried to decide what book to read next. I was debating on a Jackie Collins book or "Wicked" then I remembered I had that book "90 Minutes in Heaven". I decided on that one. I read the first few chapters last night and it was better than I thought it would be.
I'm taking a world religions class when I start school in the fall.. I'm not really sure what to expect but needless to say I'm excited about it!

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