Tuesday, July 12, 2011

little ditty about emily and muffins! oh and the bathroom!

this morning has been a great morning. its mornings like this that convince me i won't turn into a basket case living alone. 
i woke up to the apartment empty ( except a note asking me to vacuum!).
after my morning piss ( we all have one!) i retreated to the living room. 
i turned my music on and did some dibiling on the computer and then i danced around my apartment like a.. well like a basket case. but it was fun! 
sometimes it worries me that i enjoy my time alone so much. when i think about it, most of my favorite activities only involve numero uno?
such as when i was coming home the other night i was jamming out to my ipod on shuffle and i went from listening to Breaking Benjamin to nsync. please don't ask me why nsync is on my ipod! they just are. any why  i was singing along and  i started doing all these different voices and answering the questions in the song with these ghetto answers. i was cracking myself up! i wish i would've recorded it. is that normal? probably not. 
but then again i never confessed to being normal. ( if i did i was tripping hard on something!) 
this is a sorta side note.. breakfast is basically my favorite food time. so this morning i seriously wanted muffins, so i made muffins. and not to brag but they are delicious!! 

i have to go take a shower. i desperately have to wash my hair. it crazy nasty. then i get to go to work! 
yesterday was pretty good ( did i already say that, or was i just thinking i said that)
my computer is excepted to be here by the end of the week! woot woot!

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