Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"i am a deranged bird" -S.C

i hate those moments. my night was great! 
i got off work, went to youth praise practice, went to church, and went out to eat with friends afterward. it was awesome. 
i come home to not awesomeness. 
ugh. blasphemy!
bloody hell! 
i cut my finger at work.. i seriously need to stop cutting myself. its starting to look suspicious. and we are so not going there again! 
.. speaking of.. well sorta not really on the same track,
i've been thinking about the tattoo i want. 
i want a quote on my wrist from a flyleaf song " arise and be all that you dream"
in the song they say dreamed but i want to use present tense because i feel like i haven't stopped dreaming.
i want this quote because it relates back to the whole " i wanted to be dead and didn't feel like dreams for the future were necessary or even achievable" era of my life. 
that time has come and gone but there are things from that that i have to live with everyday. i rejoice the fact that i am here and have big plans for my future! but looking at the physical scars i have sometimes makes me queasy. i want something more positive to look at. and plus tattoos are kinda awesome :)

i'm sleepy.. are you sleepy? 
no thats not rhetorical.. answer me women! .. err man.. whichever you are. 
* this post has nothing to do with deranged birds. 

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