Wednesday, March 30, 2011

slow poke

... the term slow poke gives me a random thought. have you ever poked anybody slowly? of course you've poked people, but have you ever done it in slo mo?? humm.. intresting. i am going to have to make that a matter of priority: poke somebody slowly.

anyways.. thats not the initial point of this post. the reason i named this post "slow poke" is because i just realized how to use the "stats" tab on my dashboard. i was checking it out and i still may be wrong about this but, i don't think that when you look at your own page it adds to your views. i was really excited to see that i had like over a hundred views last month. that may not seem like a lot but to me thats epicness! now if i can just get some more followers i'll be all set!

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