Monday, March 14, 2011

"Sister Wives"

Sister Wives
That's the name of this show I was watching last night before I fell into a fitful nights sleep. I've watched it before back when the guy was marrying his fourth wife and I could never wrap my head around that kind of logic so I never went back to it. Until last night when I happen to stumble across it. Its basically a reality show of this polygamous family consisting of one husband, four wives, and like a million kids. My first reaction was something to the affect of " oh my gosh, those people are retarded." I wouldn't really say they are retarded now after getting a look into their (twisted) world. Its no different than any other religion.. But lets not go there. It can get really messy, really fast.
My second and most deep and prolonged thought from this show goes directly to the women. Now I am a firm believer that men are pigs and I also tend to be anti-relationship. (I'm working on that though!) However, it totally baffles me as to how these women can possibly want that? Why would you choose to share a man. That seems proposperous! I will own up to not ever having a really long and serious relationship, but that was by choice. But when I do like a guy, I get jealous really quick. Just like every other girl. She may not have the balls to own up to it, but she knows jealously is a mean devil and its easy to fall into its trap. I don't get why you would want that. When you think of marriage, just two people, you ( I ) tend to think of them, idealistically, as being totally head over heels for each other. In a perfect world they would be so consumed with each other with love and passion. Why would you want to bring somebody else, much less 3 others, into the picture??
I'm selfish, as we go over frequently, so I guess that's why I would never want any other girl stealing my thunder.
How about you? Would you ever want that? One husband and have to share him with three other gals.
I think not.

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