Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a writer?!

"Hey i like that song"
Well i certainly hope i like that song, it is coming from my ipod.

I started writing a story. I started it awhile back and then kinda stopped because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. Now I know what I want to do with it and now I'm super excited. The central idea is for me to relay my story from a previous period in my life that holds a heavy and special place in my heart.
 And I know you, dear reader, are wondering what period is she talking about. Could it be when she was a emotional teenager..? and thus brings the question.. aren't there already tons of books like that?
The answer to number one is no! ha. gotcha.
The answer to number two is yes! ha. I hate being a cliche.
The period is when I was a youngster..well about 14.. maybe a little older. I knew this guy who I clicked with and I swear on my grave there was something there. However it was love lost because nothing could ever come of it anyways, plus he kinda fell off the face of the earth. Which is weird, horrible, an endless list of adjectives.
I have several theories for his disappearence.  
Maybe he died. (God forbid)
Maybe he was in a  coma. (As long as he wakes up I'd be OK with that.)
Maybe he found somebody else that he could legally be out in public with ( That is understandable, but highly unlikely)
Anyhow I could go on and on. And believe me I do. I obsess over it all the time. Which makes me feel even more crazier...
Back to my story!
My central idea is to keep him alive in it. That looks weird when you spell it out, but in my head it does makes since.
So now I'm working on fine tuning my character for said guy. I'm having trouble with that, but when I get it worked out I will be ready to roll!

Mondays are my least favorite day and the slowest. I was going to go to the gym, but I have lost the zeal I think. However I have big plans for tonight:
WATCH season finale of Pretty Little Liars!
oh and practice that monolouge I've been assigned for a month now..

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