Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bar Fight

There are two sides to every ass whoopin' and both sides include this line:
"girl you tow dat ass up!"
Every ass whoopin', every side. I promise you.
You may be asking yourself " oh crap I wonder who she beat up." Sadly, I didn't beat anybody up this weekend, but my sister did. It was intense, the first bar fight I ever experienced up close and personal. My heart was pounding, I started sweating and I was just watching! Crazy mess.
I guess technically we went bar hopping, which I've never done either. Come to think of it this weekend was a weekend of firsts. ( some things we just wont talk about) We are in Richmond county, so the hot spots were limited. Anyway we started off at one little hole in the wall, Hudson Brothers, and saw this girl with a pudgy face, big boobs, and a cute cardigan. And of course said girl was my sisters boyfriends ex. Oh trust me this gets better.
We leave Hudson Bros. because they are closing and move to another place which was a dud because nobody, and I mean nobody was there. So we move on to a third hole in the wall, Sports something or other.. any who. Guess who's there! Bingo! Pudgy boob girl. Well she kept cutting her eyes at my sister, first mistake. My sister had been drinking, which makes her ever more crazier, plus an obnoxious mouth. We start to leave (headed to waffle house) and the girl plus all her loser friends opened there mouths, mistake number two. Well that was it. My sister and her boyfriend took off back to the bar and everybody was in each others face and then my sister just kinda tackled that girl. The girl got her hair pulled out and my sister still had her shoes.
"She tow dat ass up!" I'm just sayin' :)
That was the best part of my weekend. Well just a little while ago I finished "The Night Season". Chelsea Cain is the author, she is great. I encourage you to go get her book "Sweetheart" and read it. Its the first in the series, which doesn't technically have a name right now. I don't think. I love love love them :D However, I wasn't totally impressed with this last one. She laid a good foundation for a really great next book. Now I just have to play the waiting game.
Which tends to be the current pattern of my life right now.

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