Monday, March 28, 2011

Libraries = Love

I often refer to my thoughts as a CNN news reel. Things just looping aimlessly around my brain and I can't seem to grab one thought and just focus on it. Too much going on I suppose. I've been like that a lot recently. Just sitting around thinking and thinking and not producing anything of value from all the thinking. I have found through all this thinking that I am pretty selfish. Or at least I am labeling myself that way here lately. Because everything I think about is about me. I'm the center of my own universe. True for a lot of other teenagers, its called the teenage fable. Everybody goes through it..err at least most people go through it, some of us however, get stuck there and don't know how to get out!

*Random Nasty Fact: I have super bad dandruff. I try not to pick on people with bad dandruff because I suffer from it. When I say suffer I mean suffer. My poor scalp is always dry and itchy and no matter how much baking soda I use, or head and shoulders I use its always bad. And to top it off my hair is really dark, so it just shows up even better! If I move my head to right way sometimes its like a freaking snowfall. yuck!

anyways, back to me... (see! teenage fable.)
I think I have decided that I want to be a librarian. I love books and I think I'd be good at that job. I still want to write of course, but these days everybody wants to write and I have this fear that I wont be the literary Lady Gaga. So a librarian is a more practical career. My motivation comes from my undying love for books. I get excited about trips to the library and in the book store is where I spend the bulk of my money on shopping trips. Also because at the local library here in town the librarians are evil! They are always sour faced, and when I have late fees they are even worse! Except this one nice black lady, who I've known for forever, she's great. Every time I see her she smiles and makes nice small talk. She was even proud of me for going to the library on my own when I first got my license and car. (toot toot!) When I go into the library I get excited about reading and finding new books, so I expect the librarians to feel the same way. I will always be excited for people who willingly go the library and plus I really want to do story time with young tots!
I can picture running a huge library with two or three floors and a big stair case in the middle. With dark wood and mahogany carpeting and a fireplace in the reading rooms! Yes, by now I know you are saying "this girl is weird" and I know. But I embrace it!

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