Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sometimes I think I'm better than you.. even though we both know I'm not.

 nothing witty comes to mind. nothing to say that will charm the minds of the poor souls that may read this.
I'm just sitting here swinging my ponytail around my head and texting my sister who is right behind me.
when i am great these blogs will be hashed up and deemed wonderful. the mind of a young writer struggling to survive! ha. dramatic headlines. I hope I live to see them. the most poetic thing that could happen is that i could grow up to write one or two really epic novels, produce a few plays(?) and at the height of my success die in a terrible car crash. ahh.. sweet victory? that's how the world works though, isn't?
however, after said car crash if they build a library and name it after me and fund a scholarship for fat girls i will truly have died happy.
who sits around around and thinks about this stuff?
I do. (hello, personal fable)
so now that i have went out on this pointless rant...
well is it realy pointless, what if its self prophecy?
Oh I could only be so lucky. That would just make my greatness even more... for lack of better word great.

This video has no connection to the rest of this scattered post, BUT its freaking hilarious, so enjoy it! :)

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