Sunday, June 19, 2011

camels and sex wagons

"so the other day i was driving down the road and..."
this is how i will now start off conversations.. or vear off conversations when they take off on a awkward path. 
in all truth the other day i was not driving my car, i was, however, driving my friends car a.k.a. the big red sex wagon ( named for reasons we won't discuss) ahh yes, glorious times at the beach. how i miss them already. 
i want to blog about some of the highlights.. but without giving really long stories its just not the same. and i don't really feel like it at the moment. i will however tell you that at wild wings cafe ( great chicken! btw) they have a real live freaking camel named Cracker. and he is so cute and nice. like a giant dog that you can ride.. i really wanted to. but i didn't wanted to be the really fat straw that broke the camel's back. haha.. yes pun totally intended! was that a pun?? ah who cares? i certainly don't :) 
camel was getting frisky with meh

so today was/is father's day... maybe we just shouldn't talk about that one..
(i will say that we went to my dad's church and they have a pretty impressive worship team. hate to say this but i liked it a lot better than my church. it consisted of 13 people all belting out joyful noises. )
today also is the day my best friend left for Cali. luc-key! 
i wanna go back to the beach. ugh! 
this week i will start my job hunt! pray with me that i will get something. 

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