Saturday, June 18, 2011

irish man neck sweat

so last night was my last night at the beach and my sister and her boyfriend came down and the fab little trio that we are decided to hit the town.
we started the night off with dinner at the Japanese house called miyabi's ( i think that's spelled right) where we got sat with three sista's and this couple that consisted of this really hot guy and his rockingham version of barbie. since i was on the end.. the third wheel is always is on the end... i had no choice but to listen in on their conversation. turns out barbie is a psych nurse. she said that like 20 freaking 20! dinner was pretty great.. the chef cook our rice in a male reproduction organ shape in honor of one of the sista's birthdays. that was amazing.
then we went to Broadway at the beach and hit up senor frogs.
it was going pretty good but three shots in i was just getting board. finally we got on the dance floor, and if  i had a penny for every butt i touched i'd be rich. that was cool for a while.. expect the whole sweating part and all the couples trying to get it on around me.
fyi: i am not. repeat not. a grinder. my awkwardly shaped body is just not made for that.
we ventured outside ( you are probably wondering where the Irish sweat comes in.. i'm getting there!) and there was a band type thing going on. that was cool. so me and my sister are just chilling.. the boyfriend had ventured off.... and all of a sudden this guy comes waltzing, well it was more of a stumble, asking for a light. and our reply was " you have a lighter" he was afterall, holding a lighter. that was kinda cute.. because then he said he just needed a way to talk to us. to make a long story short he asked me to dance. and since not everybody was banging my door down last night i decided to shake a tail feather with him. well like i just said i'm not a grinder.. but apparently he was. you know that thing where two people are dancing and one person get in front and bends down and shakes their butt on the other person, well he was doing that number and in the course of him coming up he brought my dress with him! oh lord the horror. to top it all off he stumbles and falls into the crowd and in the mist of all this i'm dying laughing. we finally get out of there and somehow wind up back inside, this time on the platform! don't ask me how that happened. this time he was feeling risky and decide we should be more.. close if you will.we were doing all kinds of hug type things.. lots of grabbing. i'm not generally a hugging, touching person so this was very awkward for me. and not to be cocky or nothing but he was trying to touch my butt and i was not having it. during all this awkard dancing my freaking dress come up again. he had bunched it up in the back and my whole ass cheek was hanging out!this is where the sweat comes in! as we were wrapping up this dance session he turned me into some hug type thing and i dodged it and his neck rubbed my face. sweat and all! it was so gross. irish man neck sweat..not as much of a turn on as you'd think it should be.  that was enough. i was done dancing.
however i did manage to get some regular info from him ( not sure how true all this is, you know, him being under the influence and all)
name was carter
20 years of age
Irish = hot accent( major plus to awkward dancing) 
from Ireland.. visiting family
builds boats
owns no boat, yet! 
owns 2 jet skies
plans to get rich in a couple of years and have a boat

i miss the beach already.

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