Tuesday, June 7, 2011

catching you up on my life

just call me a party animal.. 
Saturday two of my dearest friends had a graduation party and i must say it was rather epic. i had so much fun! (isn't that the point of parties... yes but i've been  to other parties where i just look at the clock the whole time) ..wait , i think i've already talked about this... anywho..
i don't believe i've talked about the thing. oh m g! i have no idea what got into me. sunday rolled around and  i still had no earthy clue as to what to say. i was stressing a little but i figured something would eventually come to me.. i mean all i had to do was share my faith ( but of course i have to make things overly complicated!) sunday afternoon rolled around.. nothing. so eventually the clock was ticking and it was time for me to get dressed and go.. i snapped. i started crying like a two year, begging my mom not to make me go. she was clam and talked me through my tantrum ( i still cannot get over that, i am so ashamed of myself). i got there and had my measly note cards,, that by the way had almost everything scratched out on them! i also took along my trusty blog post always have an answer. as i was standing in line.. feeling like i was going to throw up my lunch.. my favorite teacher( who i was so glad showed up!) came and talked to me and my friends continued to encourage me. i eventually just decided to read my blog post.. why i didn't just stick with that in the first place i don't know. i was still nervous and i did my best to focus on the whole service and then they called my name to go up i was literally freaking out.. but once i got on stage i felt relaxed and i literally could feel God with me. I read my post and added some other things to it and i must say it went really well. oh and like a ra tard.. i ended with something like this " yea so umm.. that was a really bad way to end that.. go 2011!"
haha. but it was cool. i was glad i had the opportunity to speak.
since i'm on a roll of catching you up on my life.. 
i got my room cleaned.. and i mean i deep cleaned. i dusted and got rid of some stuff that was just taking up room and i hung up some epic wall art i got for my birthday ( yea, after four months) 
yesterday another friend of mine had a par tay.. where we got eat up with bugs!! then some of us went swimming and i didn't til twelve and my mom was like creeping, waiting for me to come in. she started talking to me about making good choices and drinking and driving.. and somehow she found out about the prom fiasco! all i could do was laugh.. she was half asleep trying to give me words of wisdom, but it was well taken.
yea so um.. that was a really bad way to end that.. go 2011 ;)

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