Friday, June 24, 2011

i secretly have a love of money...

what up dudes?! 
so i am like totally in a great mood!
(imagine everything i just said in a super annoying preppy noise.. laugh!) 

today has went by sorta fast, but its been a great day!
you know how i'm on the prowl for a job (a.k.a money), so this morning me and a friend got up super early ( like 8 ish) and went to apply at cracker barrel. which is opening up in like 3 weeks. 
(caution: bunny trail. family friends of our own a BP gas station/grill and on our way to said CB we stopped for drinks and gas.. we got to talking and she needs help working the grill. well i quickly jumped at the opportunity and on the way home we stopped back again did some more talking and she asked me to come in today and give it whirl. so i go in for this whirl and i have to say it went pretty good. all the stuff was pretty easy.. i mean dang their kid has been doing it since she was 7. i swept floors, cooked food, cleaned stuff, filled ice bags ( that was hard) took orders ( my favorite part) and made lots of pizza ( i am now craving pizza) . 
i was totally stoked when i left.. no not just because i got paid.. but because if this thing with CB doesn't work out i'm almost positive i have a spot at the grill. i felt accomplished. like i was out actually doing something, working toward a goal and not just sitting at home watching tv and getting even fatter ( which is where i'm headed if i have no job) 
the only down side is i have to wear a freaking hat.. and not a cutsie beanie hat.. a ball cap. not a good look for me.

and to top all that off i got two more graduation cards.. i'm half a little over half way towards my apple computer!! i'm soo freaking excited. once i get that computer i will be the bees knees. my head will swell and somebody will have to calm me down. i just sense this. 
ahhh! the freaking smoke detector in my apartment is beeping like a freaking spring chicken.. only louder and more annoying! ( just wanted you to be aware...) 

"stacks on deck like he saving up" : P 

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