Thursday, June 2, 2011

Breakfast and Reality TV

I've been sleeping with my fan on so that I don't die from a heat stroke.. because I have to sleep with covers on, thus conditions for a heat stroke. This morning I woke with a chill and decided I wanted some warm breakfast. I'm not sure if I like that sentence.. any who I ate some oatmeal and it was awesome! It was maple syrup and brown sugar oatmeal. When I was little I used to not like that particular kind of oatmeal, I love the fruit kinds. Peach used to be my favorite.. which is still pretty great.

It's taking me forever to write my nonsense this morning because Khloe and Lamar is on and I have been sucked into the craziness of it all! I desperately wish my life was a reality show.. don't ask me why.. I think it goes along with that thing I said before about me thinking that if I don't document everything in my life I will someday face some sort of doom and regret. ( are you catching on that I stress and worry over the stupidest things?!)
Speaking of stress and worry.. I am going to graduate!! I passed my math exam with a freaking 81! I almost hugged my teacher (there was slight curve) but I refrained.. Cause that could have been.. really weird.
I'll be so glad to graduate. I am so jealous of all my friends who are leaving and embarking on greater things, but I'm very proud of them :) It will be really weird not seeing everybody everyday.. and you know there are some people that I won't ever see again. ( for some people that's a good thing!) But I'm still hanging around for a year so there won't be a clean break for a while.

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