Saturday, June 4, 2011

bad cheese and parties!

ever get the feeling that one of your best friends is ... how do we say.. two faced.
i have that feeling now.. its kinda like i ate some bad cheese, plus a feeling of rage. hoes before bros dude! i mean where is the loyalty?? i have had this feeling before from her before but lately its been worse. i mean if you want to put a boy before me go ahead.. but all i'm asking is that you inform me first. as we all know i have boy issues anyway so, i always put my ladies first and i expect the same from you. apparently i expect too much. like i said i have had this feeling before from said friend and quiet frankly i'm getting tired of it. this is dampering my mood...

if you watched my super long bathroom video ( sorry for the stupid angels! ) you know that two of my friends had a grad party tonight.. and it was awesome! i danced hard, laughed hard, even sang hard.. there were a few songs where everybody was singing along, i swear we could've been the glee cast :)
the thing is tomorrow.. and i still have no idea what to say.. i think i have my opening but as far as the rest its still quiet scrambled.a bunch of my friends are going to be there.. i'm not sure how many people are going to be there but the number seems bigger than what i was picturing. i know my story.. i just don't know how to explain in in not complicated terms ( everything has to be complicated with me! )
ugghh. oh well. its late and i'm not even sure why i'm here and not working on this speech thingie.. oh yes i do.. i wanted to tell you have i was feeling sick because i think one of my friends is being two faced.. still not sure thats the right word.
anyway now that i have informed you i will go work on my thingie for the thing

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