Friday, June 10, 2011

me+facebook post = tears

ok so.. as i have already mentioned a lot.. Graduation is today. and out of the numerous cards and gifts and congratulations i have not been hit emotionally at all. even the thought of not seeing some of my friends have not tugged at my heartstrings.. ( geez i sound like the grinch) 
well my sister posted this long post on my facebook wall and i read it and half-way through i was like a fountain. it was so sweet and touching. and coming from her it means the world to me :) i love her so much. i really don't like crying, but then again who does? and i don't have water proof mascara.. so i'd rather not cry tonight.. but i feel as if it may happen. curse these girl emotions. 
but enough on this! i just wanted to inform you that yes, i have feelings and i'm super duper excited about tonight!
for now i have to go take a shower.. straighten my hair and try to make a dent in packing for beach grad!! :D
2011 !!

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