Wednesday, August 31, 2011

noisy food in the library

the reading room
i really want to eat my crackers.. but i'm in the reading room at the library .. not only is it dead silent in here ( of course its just me) but its the library, and crackers are like the noisiest food in the world! i really should pick a more quite snack...
ok well this chick just literally came in popping gum.. i should start rustling my crackers out of spite.
but i'm not because Jesus wouldn't do that.. actually Jesus would probably be outside, sitting on the grass teaching and eating quite foods like bread. that sounds amazing, doesn't it? ( please note there is no sarcasm in that) in the very least the bread part sounds amazing right now. if you haven't picked up.. i'm hungry. i had the middles of pop tarts this morning and thats it.
did she just say the middles? 
yes, i did..they weren't cooked so i didn't eat the edges because that's just nasty. and since i was driving to school eating i just casually dropped them out the window. like a Hanzel and Gretel trail for me to find my home with. ( if you recall my first day of school, that might actually be helpful in the traffic circle! haha. i'm pretty sure i've mastered it now :)

i seriously need to be studying.. but of course i'm not.
i have my world religions quiz this morning, it was so easy. i made a hundred :)
i have had a lot mess on my mind lately which has led me to make a few dumb decisions. i've been beating myself up over it. but time ( and God) heals all wounds. that sounds drastic, doesn't it?
haha. sorry its nothing bad.. like i didn't go out and sleep with a man whore and then do a couple of lines with him on his passed out girlfriends compact.
anyways.. even if i did do that you wouldn't want to know about it, would you?
yes you would ;)
trust me.. if i ever sleep with a man whore and do crack you'll be the first to know.

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