Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jeremiah and Jesus

where to begin?
the spit story?
did you see the tiny toilet?? how amazing is that?! 
pretty amazing my friend, pretty amazing. 

the mission trip was defiantly a success. mission completed. 
i think a lot of our work was greatly done behind the scenes. God worked in each of us, i know i can speak for myself especially and say that that in itself was worth it. not a lot of kids showed up for the vbs... and by not a lot i mean 6 did. yep only 6. but we didn't let that bring us down. we gave out best and it was awesome. the lucky ones who did show up really enjoyed themselves. who knew balloons could bring so much joy to a tiny tot? well after using them in two vbs's this year, i now know that. i could go on and on but i'm not sure how much of my Jesus talk you'd stick around and here.(however, i hope it would be a lot) i'm sure i'll share random stories in the near future as i'm reminiscing.  the bible verse that was our motivation and theme was Jeremiah 29:11. if you aren't familiar with that it reads:
"for i know the plans i have for you" declares the Lord, " plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." 
clearly that is something a college freshman should be leaning on. and i assure you i am. 
speaking of college i start on monday! woot woot. 
who's excited?
well.. i'm.. i'm not sure what adjective to use. i'm def ready to see what all the buzz is about. i'm skeptical about a bunch of stuff. it feels way different than high school ( yes, i know thats the point) and gives me the feeling you have in that dream where your in a crowed hallway naked. thats how i feel. naked. it hasn't hit me completely yet. 
but i'm sure it will smack me in the face on monday. 
wish me luck!.. err pray for me, which ever you feel so lead to do :) 

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