Wednesday, August 31, 2011

delayed work of genius

so, i wrote this on monday.. the internet connection was being gay. its nothing of genius, however, if you feel so led read on :)

i have a slight headache in the top lefthand corner of my brain. i hate these types of headaches.. so annoying.
any who..
friday i took my first western civ quiz. i bombed it with a c-, but thats ok. in my communications class we got our quiz grades back from last week.. i made an a :) 
wednesday i have my first quiz in world religions and on friday my first exam in communications ( yes, i know i should be studying. i will, eventually!)

tonight i went to this prayer group at my church. its a group of about 7-8 ladies and the talk ( obviously) and pray. ( duh, its a prayer group) i never thought about attending until last week when i was chatting with God on my way to school and it just kept coming up in me. i picked up on it that God wanted me to go, so i went and it was pretty cool. lately i feel like my walk is becoming a little stronger. the hunger is growing a little deeper. i keep giving thought to my future and i sometimes it just gets to be to much to think about. i know my heart is now fully set on going to missouri after this year is complete. the rest is in God's hands. i want to make a difference and to be made useful. i know the only way to achieve that is with is help. 
i keep mulling over the idea of a youth pastor.. or just working with youth. i of course i have my doubts, and i feel like when i tell people that they don't take me serious. ( i can see why, i suppose) negative feedback doesn't help.. esp coming from friends. today i was challenged : "can i ask why?" 
yes you can! 
my response was basically: i want to help girls, or anybody going through the crap i went through. i want to reach out and tell them that there is a better way. of course my testimony is on here and i stand by it all the time. and who knows.. maybe God doesn't want me to be a youth pastor.. i think the first step is just trying to figure out what major i'm supposed to take! 

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