Saturday, August 27, 2011

my love life and webcam photos

a huge boulder has been lifted from my shoulders.. Tim finally has proper software!! *throws confetti and pops some bubbly* 
it cost me literally a whole paycheck, but thats ok. it was worth it! i'm a bit more prepared for college.. and thats what counts right? 

to restate the obvious.. yes i know this hasn't been very well kept up.
but i have good reasons! 
-working on my love life..           
and by that i mean there is this really cute guy in one of my classes and i got two nods from him the other day. two nods! woot woot. progress. baby steps. 
and my two year crush is going well too. there is progress :) however, it seems like whenever we get alone. we aren't alone. awkwardness just circles around us like cancer. i hate the awkwardness. it's like that part in Ricky Bobby.. "i don't know what to do with my hands" baby steps. but i'm not getting any younger here.. i'm tired of taking baby steps.. geez dude just ask me on a date. i don't wanna freaking marry you. any who.. 

me and my little sister have been entertaining ourselves the past couple of days with the webcam and its effects.. 

this is my.. i'm going to eat your children face 

i should not have smoked that.. 

trim spa before...


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