Thursday, August 18, 2011

perfection is my enemy

of course i'm not in the right aca class that would make my life all to perfect. 
there is a special transfer class you have to take if you plan on transferring.. i thought i was in that class. nope. i'm in the other required aca. and what does accredited mean?? i hope credits at sandhills are accredited because they have to be to transfer to evangel. i wish i could have just gone this year... but no. that also would have made my life all to perfect. 
yes i realize that i'm a bit of a negative nelly this morning. i'm sleepy and i can't sleep. i tried get on the ball with this online class and i find out i'm not even in the right court! plus i'm supposed to be reading chapter 12 for english.. i left my book at school. 
perfection is my enemy

but despite all that.. the first two days of school actually went really good. yesterday i had a blast in my communications class. my world religion and history classes were pretty good. ironically my english class was the one that won an eyeroll. he talked the whole time.. and his voice sounds like a preacher.. it was putting me to sleep. but i couldn't fall asleep because i'm "one of those people" ,as my sister says, who sits at the front.  and he's one of those teachers who makes eye contact and its almost disturbing. 
today however, i have no school. i get to go to work. yay! (please hint the heavy sarcasm) its not that its that bad.. honestly, i'd rather be at school. 
yea i say that now.. give me a few weeks i may not be that enthused. 
hopefully not though. 

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