Monday, August 1, 2011

tim and reliant k in my bed.. say what?!

so me and Tim are just chilling here in bed listening to Reliant K. they are a pretty cool band. if you haven't ever listened to them i encourage you to check them out. (mood rings is my favorite song! however thats not the one i was listening to.) 

the beach was awesome.. shady hotel and all. speaking of said hotel... let me tell you about my bra. 
ok, so technically i bought three including hers..

i have this black one thats my favorite right now ( too much?) anywho i was wearing that and took it off sat night and threw it on the table with the rest of my stuff... on sunday i woke up and showered and just put on my bathing suite. later that day changing back to regular clothes i went to get my favorite black bra.. omg!  i freaking left if at the shady hotel!! went running threw my mind then out of my mouth. i was seriously up tight. yes, i had a spare. i called my mom and told her and she was like oh i got it. 
whew. thank God for moms, right? 
so needless to say the day at the beach was an adventure. i swan like a mermaid, got good sun, did some shopping, and drove a lot. it was awesome. 
shopping is fun.. but it can get you in trouble fast if you have no filtration. i have some but i almost lost it. i went nuts buying sunglasses. i only got two pair, but thats a lot to buy in just one day. 

.. i just had like a super good paragraph wrote.. and Tim keeps getting bumped off the internet.. ughh!! 
maybe this is karma.. humm.. 
i have lost the urge to ramble so i'm not retyping. i may or may not revisit that thought tomorrow. well i just looked at the clock it technically is tomorrow. 

go listen to reliant k and then go to bed.. thats an order! 

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