Saturday, August 6, 2011

farting in wal mart.

i was going to take a video of me and rachel in wal mart.. that didn't really work out. my phone died. 
oh well. 
we basically just farted around in there.. literally. she farted. i farted. it was amazing. you better take note of this forever.. i hate admitting that i fart. i know.. gross. 
why am i talking about this?
don't ask..
its late.. 
too much caffeine lately..
mt. dew is the devil.. its sweet deliciousness will soon corrupt me!  

i have to work in the morning.. i really shouldn't complain.. its only a 6 hour shift.. technically 5 if you don't count the last hour which you use to clean up. and now that i am getting good at time management i actually get out of there on time when i close.  

ok.. blog post check! 
i'm going to bed :) 

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