Wednesday, August 24, 2011


today has throughly sucked.
like a freaking vacuum. 
Tim has really pissed me. i know its not his fault he didn't come with the proper software i'd need for school. and its my fault for not getting it sooner. procrastinating. like always. and where does it get me.. 
in the library skipping my favorite class because i had to print out my assignment for English. 
i made a pact with myself that i wouldn't miss any classes this year unless i was deathly ill and could no way possibly drive myself here. i drove here with every intention of going to my first class. 
but no. i had to be unprepared.
not to mention that i've ordered the software... $90 ffin dollars. BTW. and its apparently a download. but before you receive the download you have to send them proper verification that you are in fact a for real student. i'm pretty sure i did that right.. but you know. this is me we are talking about so i'm sure i screwed something up. 

aarrgghh!! i'm not even mad.. ok thats a lie. i am mad. i'm sad. i haven't been this down in a long time. what the devil is wrong with me???????????? huh?! 
i'll tell you what
no.. i want because i've been on the verge of tears for two days and my eye make up looks decent today and i'm not screwing that up!

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