Friday, September 2, 2011

a librarian and a English teacher walk into a bar...

i'm just going to pitch a tent and move into the library. not that i'm complaining.. i love the library :) 
as i've said before, i often fantasize about being a librarian. 

today i didn't have my western civ class. we were supposed to come to the library and look up topics for our research paper. i went to eat lunch with Rachel and one of her cooking chums. now i'm in the library checking Facebook, blogging, and then! i will start working on school work. ( you can clearly see where my priorities lay.. esp., since i'm listening to music on top of all of that) 

i'm not quite sure what i set out to blog about, however, isn't that the beauty of this blog? most of the time there is no point and you still enjoy reading it. and if there is no point, sometimes i find a point in the midst of typing away like a crazy women. 
we have been going over comma's in English for the past week. worksheets, lecture's, the whole nine yards. it struck a thought in me.. what would my teacher say if he read my blog?
would he freak out and have a heart attack because of all the grammar errors i make? not to mention all the misspelled words. not saying i'm going to ask or try to clean my act up on here.. well maybe a little. i mean if i do ever decide to seriously write something, i'm sure good grammar will come in handy. but who knows? i can't even get two pages into a story without boring myself to tears. i'm not very good at making up stories.
now a lie, that's a different story;) 

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