Tuesday, August 16, 2011

passing out in the traffic circle

"pot should be legalized!" 
yep she went there. my professor that is. i thought i was going to choke.. but she went on the explained how it would put more money into the system if you tax it and stuff. if you think about it, she made a really good point. 

so that gives you a brief insight to my first day as a college student. it was almost surreal. walking around and going to classes i felt like i didn't belong at first.. eventually i got into the groove of it and it was amazing. finally its here. the next step. i have grown up a bit. i felt really good. i was grinning like a mule practically the whole day. 
i've know this for a while now but i worry about the dumbest things. i was literally surprised at how smooth my day went yesterday... that was until i LEFT SCHOOL AND GOT LOST ON THE WAY HOME!  how does that happen? you're probably asking yourself. well first let me point out that school is in the next county over and i'm not familiar with the whole area.. plus the devil lives there... the traffic circle. getting to school is no problem, its leaving thats difficult. i always take the wrong exit. you'd think i'd learn by now.. but i haven't. 

i haven't been keeping up with this as faithfully as i've wanted to.. i know the few people who read this are heartbroken. i love you guys, don't stop reading! this is just a dry spell with all the transitions going on. transitions being: coming home from the mission trip, going back to work, and starting school and within 3 days. i think it all caught up with me yesterday, i kept getting dizzy and feeling like i was going to faint. that was trippy. i've never fainted and from the looks of it i don't want to. i thought about that yesterday.. what would happen if  i was walking around campus and all of a sudden i just fell out on the sidewalk.. somebody better help me up! i couldn't help but laugh at myself. 

epic fail

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