Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ketchup Art

My name in lights! Well my name in ketchup. This has been my recent hobby at lunch. On the off chance I have extra ketchup, I have started writing my name or drawing stars maybe throw in some hearts.Yes, I know its wonderful. I even have a picture of my initials in mustard. I say off chance because my school has this stupid rules ( as we have many stupid rules) that you can only get 4 packs of ketchup. That's just ridiculous to limit us on our tomato-y needs!
Any who.. I'd rather not rant about school. I might be here for hours and you, dear reader, probably won't stick around that long. I am so ready to graduate high school. It will be another life experience tucked under my belt and make me feel a little more accomplished in the likes of society. And I'll be glad to just get out of the public school system... this is turning into a rant. I will stop now.
Yet again I'm sitting in class, however, not so unproductive. I got work done today. Yay!
I can't really find a point to this post... I just wanted to show you my awesome ketchup art!

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