Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hair, Drama, Pettiness

Some days I have really bad days. Like everybody else. But then there are other day when I have really good days. And then I have these random days out of the blue where my hair just decides its going to be awesome. Friday happened to be one of those days. See that hottie other there? Yep that's me. Check out that bang action. It was so awesome I had no choice but to take a million pictures of myself on my camera phone. I uploaded a few more on facebook. ( go look at them and lust over the hair! and comment! ) My hair is easily my favorite feature. It was super long when I was a kid. And then in the eighth grade I decided to copycat my cousin and cut it really short. One of the worst ideas of my life. Seriously. Easily one the top five worst mistakes. But ALAS! After about 4 years its finally getting some good length back on it. I love it :)
Now that I have ranted about my hair (which you are now jealous of) let me pour out of my soul the drama that has taken place over the last few day(s). As you know.. I'm pretty sure  you know... my parents are going through a "civil" divorce. ha! (please hint the sarcasm) Actually its pretty gross but, I digress. My dad has a girlfriend/mistress/ lady thing. And my mother hates it for various reasons. But anyways he is basically living with her and there has been some debate about me and my little sister maybe going to live with him.. which my mother also hates. I have decided I'm not going to live with him. Ever. However my little sister is still entertaining the idea. Sometimes she goes to stay with him and that basically throws an atomic bomb in my mothers face. Well Saturday my sister and mother went to the store and everything was OK. I was in the shower when they got back and all I heard was screaming. They came in the door auguring and I could hear my sister screaming and crying. (my little sister has this thing where if she doesn't get her way she freaks the hell out and ruins everybodys day.) Apparently she didn't get her way and they were fighting over the phone because she had already called my dad fussing about my mom. Mother took the phone away.. which made it worse. Somehow she got a phone and called him. After she got off the phone she announced she was going to stay with him that night and then she was going to live with him. My poor mom gets all out of whack when this crap happens. She thinks its a direct attack on her and from my little sister's POV it may be but, I don't think it is. And I could be wrong. ( I hate saying that) That episode was wonderful. I personally think that if she does leave it can only make things better. That sounds mean but it would take away from the fussing and fighting. I love my little sister I do but.. dang. You put her attitude in a room with my mom and my dad on top of it... BOOM! I could go on and on but I'm beginning to bore myself.      

I also have another problem. My friends are beginning to get on my nerves. I have a couple of friends that I never saw everyday and now I get to see them a lot. Like just about everyday. I love them to death but there are some things they really don't get about me. One friend trys to finish my sentences a lot and never gets it right. It so annoying! This other friend is wonderful but she talks a lot. And she always steals my thunder! well not always.. but in cases like this: we both like the same boy but she doesn't know that yet. before I could muster up the nerve to tell her I sorta kinda like him (which I shouldn't really like him but that's a different post!)  she tells me she likes him. and that's not even fair because I don't want her to think I stole the idea and she already has a freaking boyfriend! It may seem like I take them for granted and I try not to think these thoughts but sometimes I honestly cant help it. ( this paragraph may come across as petty and immature.. but, I was born this way! )                                            

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