Friday, April 8, 2011

friday night fail

Friday nights in high school are about parties and drinking and hot hook ups! not sitting at home eating chicken. which is what i am pathetically doing this Friday night. i love my family. i really do. but damn it! i hate sitting with them every weekend. i should be out living it up, drinking it down.. according to TV shows that is. I'm so ready to grow up i don't care what i miss out on in my "precious youth" this sucks. just sitting here. i feel like I'm wasting away. do i want to go out and party?? hell yes i do. am i doing that.. no! i can feel a rebellious devil rising up in me and i cant wait to let her go! one day. mark my words. one day i will. beach grad in in like 3 months. needless to say i plan on partying my socks off. even if i do it alone. :)

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