Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blogging instead of Schooling

i don't know if I've talked about this on here or not but recently I've been trying to write this story. and I had big plans for it... oh yea i did post about this.
anyway.. i got started and now... i don't really like where its going. i took it in a direction that quite frankly sucks to me. now I'm totally discouraged. i want to start a new project but i feel bad just leaving this one in the dirt. maybe  i can just come up with some really cheesy ending and leave it be. if I'm straight forward with what i want to say i like it much better however, i don't know if it has a good flow like that. i broke the story in half and there likes two different directions its going in. the first second part will be easier for me to put an ending too. when i say easier i mean shorter. i think that's what I'll do. wrap it up in some ending and start fresh. i know i have to work on building characters. i make them all like me. ... which as my friend told me, is not good to have a story with all Emily's. (notice i say story and not book. it really irrks me when stupid teenagers write these emo love stories and think they will be on the NYT best sellers next week. just saying..) 

I'll just worry about that later.. i need a laptop. so i can take it places and write. trying to write at school and home totally sucks up all my creative juices. and my energy. esp in this computer class.  i get zip done. (i.e: blogging instead of doing school work)

Tonight is the Nicholas Sparks lecture. I'm so excited! I haven't read any of his books in a while but I'm still excited to hear what he's going to talk about. I;m not sure if its about him or writing, hopefully it will be a little of both. Will I look like a suck up if I take a notebook and write stuff down? pssh. Who cares? I've never met an author.. er one that I've actually read. This is a first. If he does a met and greet I plan to tell him that his books gives me anxiety! I get all into them and somebody always freaking dies! despite the death they are painfully good. (i am sceretly a sap) Some of my favorites are: True Believer, A Bend in the Road, and Message in a Bottle. Those are the ones I've read. Out of the movies, obviously, The Notebook and A Walk to Remember are great. I encourage you to read them. Curl up with a blanket and get some freaking tissues!

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